COTTON DANDEE / Marjo Wilson



Welcome to The Home of COTTON DANDEE!     

Coming right up:  MENDOCINO COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY HOEDOWN TOUR!!!Check the dates for a town and Public Library Branch near you! Bring the kids! Let's SING! CLAP! And enjoy Cotton's Hayfield Music together! 

June 20th FORT BRAGG Branch 1pm
June 20th POINT ARENA Branch 5 pm
June 21st WILLITS Branch 4 pm
June 29th ROUND VALLEY Branch 1 pm

(We are sorry that Ukiah "opted out...") 




Cotton Teaches TIME-  Music TIME-- the BASIC BEAT!- MUSIC FROM ZERO-- the natural basics that we all have a right to know and share!  Learn a COTTON SONG or two- online- or in the car- or in the moment at a Cotton Dandee Community Hoedown! (Look for Community Hoedown Dates/Festival Hoedowns etc) - EVERYBODY'S in the COTTON DANDEE FAMILY BAND!- Come clap and sing and stomp along at the next Cotton HOEDOWN!  Throw your own Neighborhood HOEDOWN / or BIRTHDAY HOEDOWN- or invite Cotton to your next Family Friendly Gathering-... "The Kids Rock the Mic" & The Audience sings too! A fun and healthy music connection for all ages!  (Scroll to bottom of this page to read more about Cotton Dandee)

Listen to Cotton's Music Buy Cotton's Cd packet  /Also on itunes/for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!  


HOMEMADE VIDEO :  "OLD HAY FIELD"- My first full-length (homemade) animated COTTON Video


Cotton Dandee HOEDOWN! (short video clip below)


Hot off the Press:

Cotton's first album- titled "GOING FOR A DRIVE!"

Songs about life in the HAY FIELD! Songs to sing together!!

(details: Cotton Dandee Cd Fun Packs)


Meet Cotton Dandee! 

Cotton is a singing Cottontail who strums an old ukulele with some broken strings- & who loves to get everyone singing along! - He sings songs about his life - living in the hay field with his three dogs and all his animal friends! (Cotton's music is for All Ages!)

These songs and booklet illustrations are full of Nature:  animals and birds - trees and creeks- and all the wildlife- engaging children's hearts and imaginations. The music has strong rhythms to dance to & gets babies "moving-to-the-beat" right from the beginning. It also gets moms and dads and grandparents keeping a beat too!

The tone of the music is light and gentle-- intentionally recorded and mixed for 'easy listening' so that parents can listen to it over and over and not 'go crazy' - and so babies can sing and clap along - and then also fall asleep to it in the car too. And it's not just “baby music”-  this is music for the whole family!  


A word from the Author Marjo Wilson:

I created "The World of Cotton Dandee" as an attempt to retrieve my own sense of FUN and PLAY!  Fortunately- there is also a highly beneficial 'side-effect' to "having fun together"… mainly the sense of "feeling connected.” In this modern age of digital devices and the growing sense of personal and social disconnection and the stress upon our nervous systems— my hope is that this music might serve as a bit of an anecdote by giving us all a way to share a few moments of the day together- FEELING CONNECTED to each other through music & feeling how GOOD that feels.

I also believe in mothers and grandmothers (being the “First Teachers”) -taking the time to sing with their babies and young children- to help imprint "music-as-first-language" into the young rapidly forming brain. This intention and practice is a “Gift-of-a-lifetime” for a child- and a fun & healthy activity for all!

I offer this real and imaginary World of Cotton Dandee to you all!
From my own “4-year-old Heart” - to your “4-year-old Heart!
NO matter what age you are- under 6 or over 60 or anywhere in-between!
May you feel CONNECTED and GOOD- every single precious day!

COTTONISM: “A little Play - Every day— Goes a long, long, long, long, long, long way!”

~love, Marjo