COTTON DANDEE / Marjo Wilson



You Bet, CA

"Their favorite song on the album is Little Red Leaves!"

An East Coast "Mom Review"

I wanted to share Charlotte's feedback on playing Cotton Dandee for her [3 year old]son, Felix:

"Thank you for sending the album! We love it! I have it in the car and it's playing pretty much on a loop when Fe is with me. :) Today he asked for "Cotton Dandee" by name, and had me put that specific song on repeat. I really love the songs. Please pass on our enthusiasm to Marjo, she hit it out of the park!! I have to say too, I listen without Fe as well, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy because it is SO Covelo. "Old Hayfields" has some great descriptions of many things that I love about Covelo. And it's reminding me that we need to visit!"

 Charlotte Littlehales/ (Via Aunt Crispin Littlehales)

Willits CA "Willits Weekly" Newspaper

Press Release for "Cotton Dandee- Going for a Drive" Debut on APril 11, 2017 -

Miami, FL

"Love Love Love Cotton Dandee!!! My nieces and nephews are going to go crazy for this book and CD!!! The artwork is awesome and I love that you have a couple stickers included!"

Michelle Lambert- Singer/Songwriter/Performer

Round Valley, CA

 "To be a poet is to find ones voice.
  Marjo Wilson (Jensen) surely found hers.
  11 Cd's, and 120 original songs later she is stronger and braver than ever.
  This is an artist exploring and expanding her oeuvre,exposing the depths of her inner being
  via the journey she travels.
  The songs stand by themselves.
  The performances are at turns enrapturing and exhilarating.
  The band is world class.
  Check Marjo out, and I believe that like myself, you will give her two thumbs up."

 Howard Wenz

Covelo, CA

“Singer / songwriter Marjo Wilson with her new album “Cotton Dandee- Going for a Drive” - paints the poetry of country life with the broad strokes of a true artist… the rich colors of a child’s heart are revealed in music filled with Rabbits, Magic and Beauty.
Hats off to Cotton Dandee- a real American Hero- “…Chasin' coyotes in the dark!”

  Robert Cunnan- Covelo Resident, Retired Woodworker- Organic Farmer- Grandfather

San Francisco, CA



"There is a joy in Marjo's songs that is irresistible.  Go ahead, I dare you to resist…."

"In our busy lives, we, young and old, spend far too much time in isolation, sometimes by choice, sometimes not.  With so much information now available we often question whether we are making the best choices for the health of our brains.  Science has shown that music fires the whole brain in a healthy way.  Yes, it is a pleasurable activity but it is also highly valuable stimulation for the brain.   Doctors continually advise us on the importance of social stimulation.  These songs are meant to bring people together.  Marjo’s goal is to pass along some of the joy and inspiration that she has collected in her career as a musician.  The booklet that you hold in your hand is a true labor of her love.  I encourage you to absorb this gift and pass it along to your loved ones.

--See you on the uke trail..."


Heidi Clare

Heidi Clare, MA
Principal Artist Fellow
Atlantic Fellow
Global Brain Health Institute
Department of Neurology
University of California, San Francisco

Washington State, Port Orchard

"Our neighbor (Lois) gave us this awesome sing-a-long CD for our road trip we took from Washington to Montana and we loved it! Very fun for everyone! ~Thanks Marjo and Cotton!"

        Lance & Julea Fitzhugh & Family - (4 kids- ages 6-12years old) 

San Clemente, CA

"The packaging that Marjo created and designed is Awesome! It's compact but full of fun. I love her voice and pure goodness she imprints on us through her music. Very "all age" friendly and fun. Great for car rides and promotes kindness and love!"               

     -Davita Cabral- Aunt to 5 year old Reiss who loves Cotton Dandee!