1. Old Hay Field

From the recording Cotton Dandee-Going for a Drive

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Run around with Cotton in his big back yard- the golden hay field- full of wild oats and blackberry bushes and birds and animals and trees and SUNSHINE! This first track OLD HAY FIELD "sets the scene" of COTTON DANDEE's home and beloved neighborhood! Summer days of golden hay and summer nights of star-filled skies. Welcome to Cotton's World! 


in that—old hay field— old hay field
treasures are revealed—-in that old hay field
when the sun shines down——that’s where i’ll be found
cuz- I love running round—that old.. hay… field.
golden oats— & a little windy road
& a big old valley oak—and a place that I call home 
little apple trees—& fruit and honeybees
& lots of blackberries—& the birds eat all they please …