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Cotton Dandee

  • Full name: Cotton Buster Dandee
  • Timeless-- ageless-- legendary. (Like your favorite teddybear mixed with your favorite grandpa!)
  • Lives in a Hayfield with his three dogs Micky, Lulu and Hank
  • Loves playing ukulele and singing with his animal friends
  • Strums an ukulele even though it has some broken strings- and he's fine with it...
  • Cotton makes the best of what he's got with his imagination! & he makes sure he has FUN!
  • Sing and strum with Cotton Dandee- (COTTON'S CLASSROOM )-Cotton's "LET'S FIND THE ONE & HAVE SOME FUN!" --teaching beginners HOW TO PLAY TOGETHER in the first lesson! Music From Zero!
  • Cotton encourages creativity and the courage to try new things. Making "mistakes" is the fastest way to learn things. So in Cotton's world there is no such thing as a 'mistake...'-- keep trying and you'll eventually figure it out! It's smart to LEARN how by doing- begins with simply trying- & learning as we go! 
  • Cotton loves NATURE!
  • Cotton loves YOU!
  • Cotton loves originality- honesty and artistic extression.


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  • COTTON'S CLASSROOM featuring an original method of teaching how to play music with others from the first lesson.
  • COTTON'S 10 book collection. (Hardbacks Books featuring Marjo's Artwork)
  • More Cotton Dandee FUN PACKETS... Cd's and Booklets featuring original songs - sing and play along (Ukulele)
  • Music videos/ please subscribe to COTTON DANDEE's "YOU TUBE" CHANNEL 
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My name is Marjo Wilson and I am the creator of the character and music and World of Cotton Dandee.

I live in a hay field with my husband Morten Jensen- and our dogs. We all go for long walks across the field and down by the creek- & down our little dirt lane which is lined with sweet timothy grass and wild oats, wild rose hips and blackberry bushes… There is a whole community of cottontails and quail living down our lane- and we watch them scurry about every time we pass by. I love this field we call home. Along with the cottontails and quail,  we see deer, elk, cattle and horses and sheep and goats, hawks and owls and ravens on a daily basis. We hear coyotes every night. We see wild pigs and skunks and raccoons and bobcats and bears in our back yard- especially when it’s blackberry and wild plum season…  and upon rare occasion we see mountain lions and badgers too. We love our wild home! 

I’m a visual artist and a singer/songwriter too. My mother sang and taught me nursery rhymes and read all the CHILDREN BOOK Classics to me and my older brothers 'when we were very young.' I am forever grateful to her for the gift of patterning my young mind with imagination- music- song- melody- rhythm and rhyme.  

Cotton Dandee has been a complete joy to create- and these days- I’m starting to think of Cotton Dandee as a dear friend- a guide- a  teacher- a champion for the innocence in all of us- (no matter what our age or experience of life)- and an inspiration to express and 'play' everyday.  Permission to build the feeling of JOY!

Thank you to my mother for all the early impressions of music- and thank you to Cotton Dandee for the ongoing creative adventure!  It is a great honor and thrill for me to share the Music & Magic of Cotton Dandee with you all . My hope is that parents and grandparents and Teachers around the world will have FUN sharing Cotton’s vibe with all the children- at school, at home & in the car… Cotton’s music- his humor -his heart- his “Cottonisms” - his animal friends- his world!! His Joie De Vivre! ("JOY OF LIFE!" :)

— Peace and love!

From the heart of the Hayfield!