Cotton Dandee's 1st album

"GOING FOR A DRIVE" icludes: 

- 10 original Hayfield songs on cd

- 1 Art Picture Booklet with Lyrics

- 2 Collectible Cotton Dandee Stickers.

All comes in an originally designed travel packet - Great gifts for families with young kids. And for Grandparents too!

(DISCOUNT OFFER: Buy 5 and get one free!) 

Welcome to the homepage of COTTON DANDEE and of COTTON'S CLASSROOM- an Early Music Education Program for the very young.  

Cotton Dandee is a singing, ukulele playing cottontail who lives in a hay field with his three dogs. He loves to sing with all of his animals friends and hopes to get you to sing along too! Cotton is a bit of a mix  between your favorite old teddy bear and your favorite old country crooner. 

Cotton has a 10 song Cd  (available for purchase here ) called:" COTTON DANDEE - GOING FOR A DRIVE.." Get your Family Cd Fun Packs today! The Cd FUN PACKS include a 10 song cd- a little picture booklet with lyrics of the songs in a protective cover for little sticky fingers, etc... and collectible COTTON DANDEE Stickers too. Purchasing your Cd Fun Pack here on this site- the OFFICIAL COTTON DANDEE SITE...  is the best way you can support the creator of COTTON DANDEE,  MARJO WILSON ( artist and musician, author, educator.)   Marjo likes to call herself "Cotton's Mama" and  hopes to inspire more singing  in the car and in the kitchen - family style. She believes that more singing together at home will help to pattern young minds and nervous systems with the basic music beat- which is the foundation that offers lifelong music creation and connection!   

Have a listen here to Cotton's original Nature-filled  "Hayfield songs."    The Cd Fun Packs make great gifts for any family with young children-- and they also put cheer and fun into an elder's life too. A perfect gift for grandparents to share with grandchildren and for mamas with young children. The music is meant for all ages -- just to have fun and sing and clap together, in a very simple and easy way for everyone- (whether you think of yourself as musical or not!)  And all the songs  are very baby friendly too.

Marjo also has created "COTTON'S CLASSROOM- Music From Zero" (coming soon) - an early Music Education Program that offers the Foundations of BASIC BEAT to the very young ( and to all ages.) The books and videos encourage musical connection through  READING RHYME, SINGING, COUNTING, CLAPPING AND STRUMMING  (beginning with Ukulele.)  The Program begins  with simple Counting and Clapping together.  Marjo has created an original teaching method that teaches everyone - any age - where the ONE BEAT is together.   When we all know how to keep basic beat together-- that's when the FUN begins!

So... " LET'S FIND THE ONE- AND HAVE SOME FUN!" Cotton Dandee Style!! 

The first book of COTTON'S CLASSROOM READING RHYME SERIES titled "OLD HAY FIELD," (which is also the first track on the GOING FOR A DRIVE album,)  will be available for purchase exclusively HERE-- COMING SOON! 

 "Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest and support of COTTON DANDEE MUSIC! "

Musically yours,

Viva La Musica! 

Marjo ( & Cotton Dandee : )

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